1st September 2019 Extreme 804


The clock is counting down to 1st September 2019, the start of Extreme 804.

Training: Check

Kit: Check

Route: Check

Motivation: Check

Please contact me with offers of support, media and sponsorship



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The Journey Begins Extreme 804

Extreme 804 is an event and personal challenge that I have created.  It is a route that merges the Spine Race and Cape Wrath Ultra , taking in the Pennine Way and Highlands.

The event will begin on the 1st September 2019.  I plan to run as many miles as I can each day, with the aim to complete the 804 miles in 14 days.  

I’m always training for something.  My method of training is Heart Rate based.  This method really works for me, putting in three speed sessions a week, lots of hill work, together with rest and recovery runs.GS MDS

I want to put this trail on the map for the world Ultra Running Community, just like some of the great ultra trails around the world such as the John Muir Trail, Yukon and Pacific Crest.

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